Help build a defined benefit payable within your defined contribution plan

Introducing Allianz Lifetime Income+® Annuity with the Lifetime Income Benefit

Help build and protect a portion of defined contribution plan savings now for guaranteed lifetime income plus the opportunity for increases in retirement.


Growing demand from plan participants

Today more Americans are relying on their defined contribution (DC) plans to fund their essential retirement needs, and yet feel less confident in reaching their goals.


A modern solution for today’s retirement risks

Allianz Lifetime Income+® can help participants build a portion of guaranteed income within their DC plans, protect against market volatility, and may help address rising costs in retirement.


A leading provider of retirement solutions

More than 1.5 million Americans rely on Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America (Allianz) to help them achieve their financial and retirement goals with guaranteed lifetime income.

By offering an annuity in a defined contribution plan, you can help:

  • Drive greater employee loyalty and retention
  • Increase participants’ retirement readiness and confidence
  • Improve plan marketability and asset retention

Determine how Allianz Lifetime Income+® could help enhance your plan offerings.

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Customized plan analysis

We provide access to our institutional portfolio managers and actuaries to work with you to analyze how implementing an annuity in a DC plan can help participants more efficiently plan for longevity, address volatility, and help improve quantifiable financial outcomes.


Growing demand for lifetime income

New research indicates greater retirement uncertainty and reduced confidence as more Americans rely on their defined contribution plans to cover essential needs.


7 in 10 respondents expect that most of their retirement income will come from their employer-sponsored plans.1


Almost 8 in 10 respondents would be interested in a product that can serve as a supplemental source of guaranteed income along with Social Security.1


A modern solution

By allocating a portion of their DC plan to Allianz Lifetime Income+® Annuity,  plan participants can have the potential for their retirement savings to grow with a fixed index annuity (FIA) while also building guaranteed lifetime income.



As an FIA contract issued by an insurance company, contributions to Allianz Lifetime Income+® are not directly invested in stocks or bonds, keeping participant allocations protected from market risk.

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Participants have flexibility to contribute at their own pace. Their contributions have the opportunity to accumulate with earned interest to help build future income.



Allianz Lifetime Income+® goes where participants go, even if they change employers before retirement.



Allianz Lifetime Income+® and the Lifetime Income Benefit provides guaranteed income and the opportunity for increasing income potential.


Integrated participant experience

Integrating Allianz Lifetime Income+® with existing enrollment, managed accounts, and financial wellness solutions is a seamless solution.


Plan marketability

The combination of protection and flexibility make Allianz Lifetime Income+® a natural fit as a qualified default investment alternative.

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Determine how Allianz Lifetime Income+® could help enhance your DC plan offerings

1 Allianz 3Q 2022 Quarterly Market Perceptions Study, September 2022. Online survey with a nationally representative sample of 1,004 individuals age 18+ in the contiguous U.S.

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