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With inflation still at historic levels – 8.3% over the past 12 months ending August 20221 – your clients are likely concerned about this critical topic. And according to our Quarterly Market Perceptions study,2 they’re not alone:

worry rising inflation will continue to erode their purchasing power
are keeping more money than they should out of the market because of worries about market loss
wish they could have locked in gains when the market was high
We can help you create a game plan to help your clients stay on track. An Allianz fixed index annuity (FIA) can provide protection from market losses, guaranteed income in retirement, plus a death benefit for beneficiaries – and MUCH more.

Introducing your Allianz FIA Inflation Playbook

Inflation-fighting features

Accumulation potential

When inflation increases, typically interest rates increase as well. This can give us the opportunity to raise our participation rates and caps – and bring consumers even more accumulation potential to help combat inflation.

Increasing income potential

Many of our top-selling FIAs provide guaranteed lifetime income that can increase each year the annuity earns an interest credit through either built-in or additional-cost riders. And not only can our increases happen, they can happen often.

Index Lock

With this powerful feature available on select FIAs, clients can lock in a level of control to help address volatility and the impact of inflation.3
The potential for these features to help address inflation is not guaranteed. The effectiveness of any of the strategies or features is dependent on a variety of factors, including interest rates, product caps and rates, and market index performance.

Strategic tools


Dare to Compare℠

Witness the power of increasing income by showing the total income potential of our FIAs over your client’s life expectancy vs. a hypothetical product or hypothetical retirement portfolio.

Fintech integration

You can model Allianz FIAs in the top fintech platforms to help demonstrate how an Allianz annuity could benefit your clients as part of an overall retirement solution.

Increasing Income Kit

Use our consumer-approved content – including a retirement planning worksheet – to show your clients how an FIA with increasing income potential can help combat the effects of inflation in retirement.

Comprehensive support



Our dedicated sales professionals will answer your call FAST and are ready to provide you with case consultation, customized illustrations, and answers to any questions.

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First-class service model

We can help you monitor and manage your FIA accounts, including proactive alerts when your clients may have an Index Lock opportunity.3
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1 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics – CPI Summary September 13, 2022.

2 Allianz Quarterly Market Pulse Study for 2Q 2022.

3 The Index Lock feature is available with certain index allocation options. Exercising an Index Lock may result in a credit higher or lower than if the Index Lock had not been exercised. We will not provide advice or notify you regarding whether you should exercise an Index Lock or the optimal time for doing so.

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