1 The death benefit is generally income-tax-free when passed on to beneficiaries.

2 Indexed interest credits are not guaranteed, and will vary by year, product, and allocation option selected.

The average interest credited shows FIUL insurance policy crediting history of Allianz FIUL policies from 3/1/2006 through 12/31/2017. We chose this time frame to ensure that we present the most complete 12-month data available for this study. 152,117 policy anniversaries from 37,893 unique policies were studied. Credits are based on actual caps, participation rates, and interest rates that have been applied to inforce policies. Products included in analysis: GenDex II, GenDex SP, GenDex Survivorship, GenDex Momentum, GenDex Survivor, Allianz Life Pro+. All products have not been available during the entire duration of the example show. This is only one aspect of an FIUL insurance policy, which does not take into account policy fees and charges and does not describe any other features. Please note that many factors, including the current market environment, may affect the interest credited to the policy. All product features should be considered before purchasing a policy. Past interest credits are not an indication of future potential credits.

3 Bonused products may include higher surrender chargers, longer surrender periods, lower caps, or other restrictions that are not included in similar products that don’t offer a bonus. The index allocations that offer the interest bonus will generally have lower caps and participation rates. There is no guarantee that a policy will be credited with an interest bonus every year as it is based on the growth of an index.

4 Policy loans and withdrawals will reduce the available cash value and death benefit and may cause the policy to lapse, or affect guarantees against lapse. Withdrawals in excess of premiums paid will be subject to ordinary income tax. Additional premium payments may be required to keep the policy in force. In the event of a lapse, outstanding policy loans in excess of unrecovered cost basis will be subject to ordinary income tax. If a policy is a modified endowment contract (MEC), policy loans and withdrawals will be available as ordinary income to the extent there are earnings in the policy. If any of these features are exercised prior to age 59½ on a MEC, a 10% federal additional tax may be imposed. Tax laws are subject to change and your clients should consult a tax professional.

5 Guaranteed at issue for the life of the policy.

6 FIUL is not a source of guaranteed retirement income.

7 Diversifying within an FIUL does not ensure that a policy will be credited with interest in any given year.

Life insurance requires qualification through health and financial underwriting.