Variable annuities offer market growth potential based on the investment options you choose. A variable annuity may be a good choice if you're willing to tolerate some market risk in exchange for growth potential.

Variable annuities can offer:

  • Tax-deferred growth
  • Variable investment options
  • Income options, including income for life
  • Death benefit options
  • Other benefits that may help protect your retirement assets and income (optional and available at an additional cost)

How do variable annuities work?

  1. You give the insurance company money in one or more payments.
  2. Some variable annuities let you choose from a number of variable investment options, while others offer a pre-determined mix of investments.
  3. During the accumulation phase, your contract's value may increase – or decrease – depending on the performance of the investments you choose. Variable annuities involve risk, and it's possible to lose money.
  4. You defer paying taxes on any gain in your contract until you receive money from the contract. Tax-deferred growth means the money stays in your contract and has potential to grow faster.
  5. After a period of time specified by your contract you may then receive the amount allowed by your contract in a lump sum, over a set period of time, or as income for the rest of your life. This is known as the distribution phase.

Allianz variable annuities:

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Investing in a variable annuity may be the answer for part of your overall retirement strategy. A variable annuity offers a unique combination of features, including market participation through a variety of investment options; tax-deferred growth opportunities; and optional protection benefits that can provide certain accumulation, income, and beneficiary guarantees for an additional cost. Please note that we no longer offer any variable life insurance products.

Variable annuities are subject to investment risk, including loss of principal, and contract values fluctuate daily. Investment returns and principal value will fluctuate with market conditions so that units, upon distribution, may be worth more or less than the original cost.

Purchasing an annuity within a retirement plan that provides tax deferral under sections of the Internal Revenue Code results in no additional tax benefit. An annuity should be used to fund a qualified plan based upon the annuity’s features other than tax deferral. All annuity features, risks, limitations, and costs should be considered prior to purchasing an annuity within a tax-qualified retirement plan.

Withdrawals will reduce the contract value and the value of any protection benefits. Withdrawals taken within the contract withdrawal charge schedule will be subject to a withdrawal charge. All withdrawals are subject to ordinary income tax and, if taken prior to age 59½, may be subject to a 10% federal additional tax.

For more complete information about Allianz Life Insurance Company of New York (Allianz Life® of NY) variable annuities and variable options, call your financial professional or Allianz Life Financial Services, LLC at 800.729.9743 for a prospectus. The prospectuses contain details on investment objectives, risks, fees, and expenses, as well as other information about the variable annuity and variable options, which you should carefully consider. Please read the prospectuses thoroughly before sending money.

Guarantees are backed by the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing company. Variable annuity guarantees do not apply to the performance of the variable subaccounts, which will fluctuate with market conditions.

• Not FDIC insured • May lose value • No bank or credit union guarantee • Not a deposit • Not insured by any federal government agency or NCUA/NCUSIF

Products are issued by Allianz Life Insurance Company of New York, 28 Liberty Street, 38th Floor, New York, NY 10005-1422, and are distributed by their affiliate, Allianz Life Financial Services, LLC, member FINRA, 5701 Golden Hills Drive, Minneapolis, MN 55416-1297. (L40529-NY01, L40530-NY01, L40534-01-NY01, L40535-01-NY01)

Product and features are available only in New York and may vary by broker/dealer.

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