The Allianz Women, Money, and Power Study confirms that there is a type of financially empowered, financially savvy woman – a "Woman of InfluenceSM" - that represents an enormous opportunity for both financial professionals and the financial industry.

Women of Influence represent a considerable portion (20%) of women and are distinguished by their higher incomes ($57,000 on average) and higher incidence of post-graduate education.

They also tend to be more successful in the workplace, being 50% more likely to own their own business, and 80% more likely to have achieved a director or vice president position.

Women of Influence have a higher need for financial control, and more desire for increasing their financial knowledge.

Women of Influence are also 37% more likely to have a financial professional, and credit their financial professional for helping them feel more confident and prepared for their financial future; helping them earn a better return, and helping them understand financial terminology and issues better.

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