1 Additional purchase payments received after the Index Effective Date can only be allocated to the index options on the Index Anniversary.

2 Allianz reserves the right to decline additional purchase payments at any time on a nondiscriminatory basis.

3 Additional purchase payments allocated to an index option between Index Anniversaries will be placed in the AZL® Government Money Market Fund until the next Index Anniversary. At the Index Anniversary we will transfer those allocations in the AZL Government Money Market Fund to the applicable index option.

4 This investment option is subadvised. The subadvisor may have a public mutual fund with an investment objective that is similar to that of this investment option. These are separate portfolios that will have different performance due to differing fees, expenses, relative cash flows, portfolio sizes, and other factors.

5 This investment option invests in derivative instruments such as futures, options, and swap agreements. Derivatives can increase the investment option’s share price volatility and could magnify losses. Certain derivative instruments also involve costs that could reduce returns. Certain derivatives may involve risk of default.

Manager Allocation Risk: The risk refers to the possibility that the manager could allocate assets in a manner that will cause the funds to underperform other funds with similar investment objectives. The manager may have a potential conflict of interest in allocating assets among and between the permitted underlying funds because the subadvisory fee rate it pays to the subadvisors of the permitted underlying funds is different.

Generally under normal conditions, 5% (up to 20%) of the investment option is invested in the MVP risk management overlay. When overall market volatility is generally moderate or low, the MVP risk management process will look to participate with the market using derivatives equal to the risk of the investment options and minimize its protection aspect. During periods of higher market volatility, the MVP risk management process will seek to reduce volatility using derivatives with the goal to minimize extreme negative outcomes. Derivatives are contracts used as underlying assets and play an important role in hedging risk. They limit the need to buy or sell assets within the underlying funds in periods of volatility. They also include the risks related to futures and options, which may be different from and greater than the risks of direct investments in securities or other traditional investments. The MVP process does not ensure a profit or protect against losses. Success of the hedging strategy or fund objectives cannot be guaranteed.

Each AZL® MVP fund utilizes the MVP risk management process, which could cause the equity exposure of the funds to fluctuate, but equity exposure will generally not be lower than 10%.