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We conduct original survey-based research through our signature studies on retirement, market perceptions, and other timely topics. These downloadable study summaries and fact sheets provide insights into our research findings related to retirement risk, investor and consumer sentiment, and financial planning.

Rising interest rates are hurting the majority of Americans

Study found majority of Americans have taken a financial hit due to rising interest rates in the last year.

Americans have to plan for a new retirement reality

Study found ongoing financial challenges, such as inflation and market volatility, have created a new retirement reality for Americans to navigate.

Americans face uncertainty about Social Security and their own financial stability

Study found that Americans worry about their long-term financial stability and don't think they can depend on Social Security benefits in retirement.

The hidden cost of inflation: Less saving for retirement

Study found that Americans are prioritizing current expenses at the cost of their retirement.

Historic inflation reducing Americans’ retirement savings

Study found that the majority of Americans said they have stopped or reduced retirement savings because of inflation.

New opportunities to increase the economic inclusion of BIPOC Americans

Study found that more BIPOC respondents indicated that they were interested in working with a financial professional for the first time than they did last year.

Americans are more anxious about a recession than they’ve been in years

Study found that Americans’ anxiety about a recession is increasing as inflation cuts into spending power.

Americans at every life stage value the help of financial professionals

Latest Retirement Risk Readiness Study found that people who have worked with a financial professional feel more prepared to manage potential risks to their retirement.

Americans are pessimistic about the economy

Study finds more people are worried about a big market crash or major recession than at any time in the last year, with no end to market volatility in sight.

Non-retired Americans feel less financially confident two years into pandemic

Our latest Retirement Risk Readiness Study shows that retirees are feeling more resilient about their finances, while younger Americans are facing financial fatigue.

Majority of Americans are reluctant to discuss retirement risks

Study identifies opportunity for financial professionals to help clients – including those already in retirement – address risks.

Most Americans have favorable view of sustainable investing

Our new Sustainable Investing Study shows that, along with growing support for sustainable investing, many Americans are ready to take action and make sustainable investments.

Pandemic’s impact on economy and personal finances

Our latest study found that a majority of Americans fear the economic impact of the pandemic will be greater than the Great Recession, making this a crucial time to take a proactive approach to managing retirement risks.

The risk of inflation to retirement security

Additional data from our Retirement Risk Readiness Study shows that Americans worry about the increasing cost of living and healthcare costs, but might not have a plan in place to address these retirement risks.

Retirement Risk Readiness Study – Executive Summary

Our study provides a look at how Americans view some of the risks that can derail a retirement strategy, and how those risks may impact the way they think about and plan for retirement.

Subject matter experts

Our subject matter experts can add insight and depth to your stories with experience in retirement-planning concerns, Social Security, market trends, investor outlooks, and more. If you are interested in speaking with one of our subject matter experts for a media interview, contact our public relations team.

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2 Allianz Group, Interbrand Best Global Brands, October 2022.

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