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When it comes to developing an overall retirement strategy, knowledge really is power. The resources below from Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America (Allianz Life) can help clarify your own needs and goals – and give you insight into the latest research.

Planning tools

Learn about some important considerations to keep in mind as you develop a retirement strategy.

How to start preparing for retirement beyond a 401(k)

A strong strategy for retirement takes a multi-faceted approach. In order to move beyond saving money in a retirement account, people need to understand their finances, assess their retirement needs, and start to make a plan.

4 ways to fight inflation in your financial strategy

You can take steps to help you deal with inflation in the future.

Three tips to help BIPOC Americans find their first financial professional

If you’re among the BIPOC Americans who are thinking about working with a financial professional for the first time, here are three tips for finding one who can meet your needs.

How Social Security fits into retirement strategies card image

Examining Social Security misconceptions

People who have yet to retire think Social Security benefits will provide a much larger percentage of their retirement income than retirees say it actually does.

card pessimistic about the economy

Feeling pessimistic about the economy? It’s not just you.

A financial professional could help you identify some strategies that could help protect retirement savings from market loss during recent market highs.

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How record inflation is affecting retirement savings

Inflation has reached a level Americans have not experienced in decades. The rising cost of goods can chip away at retirement funds, and most people expect inflation to increase.

Great Resignation could affect retirement savings

How the Great Resignation could affect retirement savings

The workforce is in turmoil as the Great Resignation continues to see people retire, switch jobs, and start their own businesses.

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The value of income planning

Consider our step-by-step approach to help you identify any potential income gaps and develop solutions to help attain lifestyle goals in retirement.

allianz legacy by design

Required minimum distributions – what you should know

It’s important to understand, prepare for, and comply with RMD requirements, especially from a tax and financial perspective.


Watch our educational videos for an introduction to annuities, Social Security, and more.

Supplemental retirement income with FIUL

Life insurance can provide you a way to protect your family and help bridge the gap between your retirement savings and your retirement goals.


Looking for a level of financial certainty during times of volatility?

During times of increased volatility, Auto Lock can help you automatically capture index values – without the daily tracking of indexes.

tax diversification video card

What steps can I take today to seek advantages in future tax environments?

No one can predict how tax policies will change in the years ahead. In this video, Allianz explains how diversifying your portfolio with fixed index universal life insurance could benefit your retirement savings.

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What are my options for growing my retirement assets?

Concerned about too much risk and too little return? An index variable annuity can potentially reduce the effects of market volatility.

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How can I protect the money I’m counting on for my retirement?

Similar to how you insure your car or home, a fixed index annuity can help protect a portion of your retirement assets.

person holding money and bonds

Could your retirement income be hurt by persistent low interest rates?

In a low-interest-rate environment, your assets may not provide the lasting income you'll need to retire comfortably. An annuity can help.

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How well can I live on a fixed income during retirement?

A long retirement is great – unless inflation erodes your purchasing power. See how annuities can help address cost-of-living increases.

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Will your retirement income take a “HIT”?

Health care, inflation, and taxes can be unpredictable expenses in retirement. See how some annuities can help protect your purchasing power.

sequence of returns

How long will your retirement money last?

See how the sequence of returns can affect your retirement portfolio’s value – and how an annuity can help make sure your money lasts.

piggy bank breaking from the stress

How can I take some pressure off my retirement portfolio?

See a side-by-side comparison of how a fixed index annuity combined with a retirement account can make it easier to generate income and reduce pressure as compared to a retirement account only.

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