To help protect you from fraud, Allianz provides periodic statements of your product’s activity. We also monitor your product for suspicious requests or transactions, and confirm any changes to your account in writing.

What you can do

Review your contract upon receipt to make sure it reflects the premium you paid, the benefits you purchased, as well as the correct allocations, beneficiaries, contact information, etc.

Make sure your financial institution has your correct address, email, and phone number. Your financial professional should never ask to have correspondence sent directly to his or her office or home address.

Review all statements and mailings. If there are changes to your account, make sure you requested them. Call your financial institution if you notice discrepancies.

Consider signing up for online documents to reduce the risk that paper statements will be lost or stolen in the mail. Learn more about Allianz online documents.

Safeguard your passwords. Don’t write them down or share them with anyone – even your financial professional – and never email them to anyone.

Store sensitive documents in a safety deposit box or other secure location.

Shred sensitive documents when you no longer need them.

Never give out personal information in response to correspondence or a phone call you didn’t initiate.

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