No single financial product is right for everyone. That's why Allianz uses disclosure documents to help inform you of the costs and benefits of each product before you buy – and why we give you time to examine the product and cancel it for a full refund. We follow a variety of procedures to verify that any annuity contract or life insurance policy you buy from us meets your stated needs.

What you can do

Read your financial documents. Forms such as the contract summary and buyer's guide contain important details, and are provided for your protection.

Never pay in cash for any financial product. Pay by check or money order, and always make it payable to the financial institution that is issuing the product.

Don't predate or postdate documents or checks.

Be careful with beneficiaries. Unless your agent is a family member, don't make him or her a beneficiary, power of attorney, or guardian on your accounts.

Always be suspicious of anyone offering you "free" insurance.

Don't lend money to your financial professional or his/her business. Be wary of any financial professional who asks for a personal loan.

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