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Securing a more sustainable future


Managing for the long term

For more than 125 years, Allianz Life has made promises people depend on for the rest of their lives. This is why sustainability – which focuses on planning and managing for the long term – is so fundamental to our business, and helps us deliver on our mission: We secure your future.

Find out how we think about sustainability. 


A few words from our CEO

“As an insurer, investor, and employer, we have a tremendous opportunity to shape a more equitable, secure future for all – from our customers to our communities and beyond.”

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Jasmine Jirele, president and CEO, Allianz Life

To help bring this to life, we’re focused on six pillars of sustainability

Reinforcing a global commitment to sustainability 

We are part of a global company that cares about what happens outside of our office walls. Find out how our parent company is working to build a more sustainable future for the world and the societies in which we live and work.