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Resources for financial professionals

Our insights and resources support your conversations with clients as you help them prepare for retirement with a comprehensive financial plan.

3 retirement income concerns for underprepared clients

Help these clients create a strategic income strategy that will provide enough income while being sensitive to market risks.

5 annuity strategies for retirement planning

Five strategies show the potential power of annuities: income tax deferral, complementing an investment strategy, improving retirement outcomes, income tax hedge, and lifetime income.

How to help your clients turn retirement savings into income

Financial professionals can help clients create efficiency in their asset decisions with various withdrawal strategies. Here are four tactics to consider for drawing down assets.

5 ways retirement planning is changing for Americans

Americans are facing a new retirement reality. Here are five ways retirement planning is changing for Americans, according to the Allianz 2023 Annual Retirement Study.

How to help clients maximize Social Security benefits

To maximize a client’s Social Security benefit, financial professionals should consider work history, benefit start date, taxes, and other income.


4 retirement risks that can be helped with life insurance

Adding a fixed index universal life insurance policy into a retirement portfolio can help mitigate risks to retirement from inflation, taxes, volatility, and longevity.

3 things to know about Secure 2.0 for financial professionals

Financial professionals need to know how the provisions in this legislation will affect their clients.

How clients can supplement college funding using life insurance

Fixed index universal life insurance (FIUL) can be a valuable product for the middle market, especially when it comes to paying for college.

How life insurance can supplement income during retirement for your middle-market clients

The cash value of a fixed index universal life (FIUL) insurance policy can be accessed through policy loans or withdrawals.

4 ways to help clients fight inflation

The more strategies to address the risk of inflation incorporated into a holistic financial strategy, the greater the chance of success in retirement.

3 ways taxes could cause issues for your clients in retirement

Clients who are well funded for retirement may be more likely to experience tax issues, but there are strategies to help.


Creating tailored financial strategies for small-business owners in niche markets

Understanding their concerns and challenges can aid in helping clients make a plan.

How to help clients make a plan for selling or gifting their small business

A successful shift in ownership requires rigorous succession planning.


Helping business owners create a compensation strategy for key employees

Recruiting, retaining, and motivating employees is particularly important for small businesses.

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Questions to ask clients while income planning for retirement

Creating a tailored retirement income strategy for clients starts with understanding their expenses and lifestyle goals.

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Divorced clients can get spousal Social Security benefits

If you are helping to establish a retirement plan for a client who is divorced, be aware that they may be eligible for a spousal benefit.

card what clients want from financial professional

What clients want from a financial professional

The things clients value from this relationship varies by life stage.

card help clients make plans to lower their next tax bill

How to help clients make plans now to lower their next tax bill

Getting proactive can help address tax risks down the road.
card easing client concerns

Easing client concerns about market risks outside their control

Financial professionals can help with strategies that help clients feel more in charge of their finances.
five reasons to call clients

5 reasons for financial professionals to call their clients about retirement plans right now

In the wake of the pandemic, many Americans could use advice from a professional about how to navigate their finances.
How a long life can affect retirement savings

How a long life can affect retirement savings

Help clients address the risk longevity can pose to their retirement strategy.

The changing dynamics of required minimum distributions

Helping clients navigate recent changes.
retirement risk study wave 2

Talking to clients about risks to their retirement strategy

It’s time to start talking about and planning for specific retirement risks, both as part of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

resources fiul tax diversification

FIUL and the importance of tax diversification

See how to position life insurance as your client’s financial engine.