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Resources for financial professionals

Our insights and resources support your conversations with clients as you help them prepare for retirement with a comprehensive financial plan.

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Questions to ask clients while income planning for retirement

Creating a tailored retirement income strategy for clients starts with understanding their expenses and lifestyle goals.
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Divorced clients can get spousal Social Security benefits

If you are helping to establish a retirement plan for a client who is divorced, be aware that they may be eligible for a spousal benefit.

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What clients want from a financial professional

The things clients value from this relationship varies by life stage.
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How the new Secure Act 2.0 could change the way people save for retirement

Understanding how this proposed legislation could change the rules for different types of clients is important to helping those clients achieve a more successful retirement.
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How to help clients make plans now to lower their next tax bill

Getting proactive can help address tax risks down the road.
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Easing client concerns about market risks outside their control

Financial professionals can help with strategies that help clients feel more in charge of their finances.
five reasons to call clients

5 reasons for financial professionals to call their clients about retirement plans right now

In the wake of the pandemic, many Americans could use advice from a professional about how to navigate their finances.
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Designing retirement income for underprepared clients

Making a plan now can help clients who are not independently wealthy address risks down the road.
managing pandemic aftershocks

Managing pandemic aftershocks

How you can help ease client concerns about finances, retirement and inflation.
How a long life can affect retirement savings

How a long life can affect retirement savings

Help clients address the risk longevity can pose to their retirement strategy.

The changing dynamics of required minimum distributions

Helping clients navigate recent changes.
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Examining the impact of inflation on retirement savings

Making a plan now can help alleviate risks down the road.
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Protecting seniors from elder financial abuse and other aging risks

Clients could be unaware of the risks that financial fraud can pose to their retirement security.

Socially responsible investing is here to stay

Understanding what clients value can influence strategy.
Helping deliver value from fintech

Helping deliver value from fintech

How carriers help provide holistic risk-management solutions through technology.

Helping clients who are reluctant to discuss retirement risks

Breaking the ice can help create a sound retirement strategy that addresses risks such as increased healthcare costs and the rising cost of living.

Do your clients care about sustainable investing?

Increased interest means clients may be ready to get involved.

Addressing anxiety and mitigating risk as clients navigate the economic impact of the pandemic

During this time, financial professionals can help clients with strategies to add more risk management measures into their retirement planning and overall portfolio.

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Making the connection between longer retirements, the rising cost of living, and cognitive decline

As people spend more time in retirement than ever before, managing the complexities of inflation can pose a risk to retirement security.
How can financial professionals help people of color address retirement risk

How can financial professionals help people of color address retirement risks?

Many people of color report wanting to take control of their finances, but may not have the right support from a financial professional.
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Talking to clients about risks to their retirement strategy

It’s time to start talking about and planning for specific retirement risks, both as part of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

resources caregivers guide

Allianz offers Caregiver Readiness Guide

Conversation starter: Help clients plan and not leave questions unanswered.

resources generation x

Generation X lacks confidence in preparation for retirement

Cue the role of a financial professional!

resources fiul tax diversification

FIUL and the importance of tax diversification

See how to position life insurance as your client’s financial engine.

resources life insurance opportunity

Life insurance offers opportunity for a new approach

See how FIUL can help your client’s idle assets go further.