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Securing the future of our community


Extending our mission

Our mission – we secure your future – doesn’t stop at retirement planning. We want to help secure the community in which we work. For Allianz, our mission includes efforts to increase financial security for our customers, employees, and our broader community here in the Twin Cities.

As a 125-year-old company that is part of one of the world’s largest financial services organizations, we believe we can create a lasting and positive impact in the lives of many for generations to come. This starts with our commitment to promoting a stronger, more equitable community by supporting people in achieving financial stability, sustainability, and security throughout their lifetime.

Reducing barriers to economic inclusion 

The best way for us to make a positive impact in our community is to focus on our existing areas of expertise. We support the people and organizations that are working to reduce barriers to economic inclusion at all stages of life. For Allianz, economic inclusion means that all people have their basic needs met, opportunities for gainful employment, and resources to increase their financial knowledge.

We offer our support to organizations whose work falls into three main categories: financial stability, financial sustainability, and financial security.

Financial stability

Inclusion in economic life begins with basic needs. Allianz supports organizations that provide essential needs to members of the community, including food, shelter, and clothing, with a focus on creating stability and financial independence.


Financial sustainability

Financial success is sustained through equitable access to resources and opportunities for gainful employment. Allianz supports organizations that help members of the community be successful in the workforce, including through college preparedness, skills training, entrepreneurial support, and access to capital and investment.

(Photo courtesy: Junior Achievement of the Upper Midwest)
Junior Achievement

Financial security

Long-term financial security and retirement readiness requires preparation and financial knowledge. Allianz supports organizations that help ensure all community members have financial well-being, know how to prepare for their future, and are protected from fraud and other financial abuses.

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Prepare Prosper

Grant applications

Our Corporate Grantmaking Program supports local nonprofits that work to address our key focus areas.

Supporting St. Paul’s Midway community near Allianz Field®

When we became the proud sponsor of Allianz Field®, home of Minnesota United, we made a commitment to helping create a long-term, positive impact in the Midway neighborhood of St. Paul. We support local, on-the-ground organizations that are based in and provide support to the Midway-area communities. Here’s a spotlight on one of our key partners.

Key partner in the Midway: Neighborhood Development Center

Allianz is supporting the launch and development of Neighborhood Development Center’s (NDC) Black and Latina Opportunity Connect (BLOC) program. This initiative helps to increase success for Black and Latina female entrepreneurs in the Twin Cities, a typically underfunded group of entrepreneurs. Our three-year $450,000 investment will provide these entrepreneurs with one-on-one training and mentoring on all aspects of creating, growing, and owning a successful business, including accounting, finance, the credit review process, marketing, operations, management, and more.

(Photo courtesy: Julia Eckart, NDC)

Employee volunteerism and our culture of caring

We support our employees as they engage with our community and the causes they care about. This helps ensure success for the communities where we all live, work, and play, and provides a way for employees to make a difference. Below are a few of the ways we support employees' passions.

V8 (Volunteer 8) Program

Through our V8 Program, Allianz provides employees eight hours of paid time off each year to volunteer with any eligible charitable organization.

Make-A-Difference (MAD) projects

MAD supports employee engagement through funding to nonprofits where groups of employees volunteer. The program provides donations of up to $10,000 per organization.

Badge RibbonBadge Ribbon
Leadership Board Support

Allianz makes financial donations of up to $5,000 to organizations that have an Allianz leader serving on their board.

Putting professional skills to work in support of financial security: Pro Bono Legal Program

One way our employees show they care is by using their professional skills to support financial literacy for Twin Cities nonprofit organizations and community members. Through the Pro Bono Legal Program, Allianz Life attorneys and legal professionals provide free legal services to those with limited financial means. In collaboration with local nonprofits including Minnesota Elder Justice Center, Allianz volunteers host clinics to provide advice to small businesses and nonprofits, or draft wills, powers of attorney, and more for low-income individuals and seniors. Such services help people plan for long-term financial security and prevent financial exploitation.


Our annual fundraising events

Each year, we host fundraising events to provide opportunities for employees to make a positive impact through donations of funds and goods.

Spirit of Giving

Twice a year, we hold a food, clothing, and toy drive called Spirit of Giving. Over the last 22 years, our employees have raised more than 383,000 pounds of clothes, 415,000 pounds of food, and $1.5 million in cash donations. Spirit of Giving benefits Keystone Community Services, PRISM, the ARC Minnesota, Second Harvest Heartland, and Toys for Tots.

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Driving to Donate

Our annual Driving to Donate golf tournament, one of the top charity golf tournaments in Minnesota, benefits the Alzheimer’s Association MN-ND. Since proceeds from the tournament began supporting the Alzheimer’s Association in 2010, we have raised nearly $2.5 million for the organization. More than 300 employees and vendors participate or volunteer each year. With our support, the Alzheimer’s Association helps people with dementia and their caregivers to prepare for the financial implications of the disease.

driving to donate event

Employee-elected charities

Each year, we ask employees to vote for four charities that support our effort toward economic inclusion within the three focus areas of financial stability, financial sustainability, and financial security, as well as a general interest category. Allianz will support these nonprofits through volunteer hours, financial assistance, and in-kind donations in an effort to make the most impact in the Twin Cities. In 2023, Allianz will support the following organizations:

College Possible

College Possible strives to eliminate the opportunity gap between students from low-income backgrounds and their higher-income peers. Through partnerships with high schools and college institutions throughout the state, they are advancing college equity to build a stronger Minnesota.

Angel Foundation

The Angel Foundation offers relief to adults with cancer and their loved ones through financial assistance, education, and emotional support. Their Financial Cancer Care (FCC) program helps patients improve their financial skills, knowledge, and habits to define their financial goals and improve their long-term financial well-being.