Life in retirement

Add life to their retirement

Life insurance can help with inflation, tax, and longevity risks

The risks to retirement assets don’t go away in retirement. Clients are facing mounting risks that could significantly impact their financial well-being later in life, including:



High inflation means reduced purchasing power, putting stress on a client’s assets to make up the difference – making it more important than ever to help protect assets against market loss.


Taxation can erode your client’s assets over time. Current tax rates are no guarantee of future rates – over the last century, tax rates have often shifted, many times dramatically.


The average life expectancy has increased 16% over the past 70+ years – and is projected to continue to increase – contributing to client worries about outliving their retirement assets.1
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77% of Americans think the market will continue to be very volatile in 2023, and just 19% are comfortable investing during current market conditions.2 Will volatility subside in the years ahead? There’s no way to know.
2 2022 Q4 Quarterly Market Perceptions Study from Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America

Powerful advantages of FIUL

When you consider all the advantages fixed index universal life (FIUL) insurance offers, it can be an attractive choice to help diversify a client’s portfolio – helping to protect them from uncertain risks in the future while providing a potential supplemental source of retirement income.

FIUL offers a combination of tax benefits other financial vehicles may not, including:

  • Tax-deferred accumulation value
  • Income-tax-free loans and withdrawals1
  • Income-tax-free death benefit2

FIUL provides a combination of powerful protection features:

  • Guarantees within the accumulation value
  • Protection from market volatility
  • Index allocation options to fit a variety of risk profiles

FIUL does not have the restrictions of other financial vehicles:

  • No penalties for accessing cash value prior to age 59½1
  • Policy loans and withdrawals, under current rules, will not impact Social Security Retirement Benefits1
  • No required minimum distributions (RMD) at age 73

A suite of resources to help

A successful financial strategy needs a mix of assets and financial vehicles to support and protect long-term goals. Use these resources to help showcase how an FIUL policy can play an important role in diversification.

Videos approved for client use


Get help in creating a diversified strategy

Contact the Life Case Design Team at 800.950.7372 for additional help in talking to your clients about the potential benefits of including FIUL in a diversified retirement plan.

1 Policy loans and withdrawals will reduce the available cash value and death benefit and may cause the policy to lapse, or affect guarantees against lapse. Withdrawals in excess of premiums paid will be subject to ordinary income tax. Additional premium payments may be required to keep the policy in force. In the event of a lapse, outstanding policy loans in excess of unrecovered cost basis will be subject to ordinary income tax. If a policy is a modified endowment contract (MEC), policy loans and withdrawals will be taxable as ordinary income to the extent there are earnings in the policy. If any of these features are exercised prior to age 59½ on a MEC, a 10% federal additional tax may be imposed. Tax laws are subject to change and you should consult a tax professional.

2 The death benefit is generally income-tax-free when passed on to beneficiaries.

Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America does not provide financial planning services. Clients should consult with their legal and tax advisors to discuss their specific situation.

FIUL requires qualification through health and financial underwriting.

Diversification does not ensure a profit or protect against loss.

FIUL is not a source for a guaranteed stream of income in retirement.

Guarantees are backed by the financial strength and claims-paying ability of Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America.

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