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Navigating a New Reality with Your Clients

American retirements are changing and the financial industry is at an inflection point. But what’s next?

Join us for a series of interviews with industry leaders and innovators. Learn more about how retirements and the financial industry are evolving, approaches to risk management, and how you can take on the challenge of preparing your clients for the future they want.

Hosted by Travis Walker of Allianz

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Moshe Milevsky on the new retirement reality

Episode 1.01

In our first episode, Moshe Milevsky, a professor of finance at York University in Canada, discusses this new retirement reality and the fundamental shifts in retirement planning. He shares his perspective on issues with the 4% withdrawal strategy for retirement income and why he doesn’t like the idea of choosing a retirement date.

Moshe Milevsky

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How financial professionals can help address their clients' biggest problems with our deep understanding of the market, ongoing consumer insight research, and risk management experience.

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