Retirement risk management insights

Now more than ever, Americans need professional help to achieve their retirement goals. At Allianz, we draw on more than 125 years of experience and our signature consumer research to help you integrate risk management strategies, such as annuities, life insurance products, and ETFs (offered through AllianzIM1), into your clients' retirement plans and seek to improve their outcomes.

Our deep experience in retirement risk management makes Allianz a trusted source for relevant, actionable information you can use to better understand your clients’ needs and concerns. Come back often to find the latest retirement risk management insights.

Majority of Americans worry about higher taxes on 401(k)s and IRAs

As present fears about a big market crash or recession persist, Americans also are increasingly worried about taxes on retirement income from 401(k)s and IRAs increasing in the future. Financial professionals can help their clients effectively manage taxes on retirement income.

Diverse investors warm to financial advice

Diverse Americans are re-engaging with professional financial advisors in 2023, rebounding from a drop reported in 2022. Working with a professional financial advisor on a written plan that maps out how to achieve a successful retirement can be one of the most important steps anyone can take in seeking to secure their financial future.


Risk management in practice

We share how financial professionals can help address their clients’ biggest problems with our deep understanding of the market and risk management.

In the media

Getting retirement advice isn’t always easy for Black Americans

Travis Walker, business solutions and diversity consultant, shares why clients may not want to open up about their finances.

Consider helping nervous clients stay in the market with buffered ETFs

Eric Thomes, chief distribution officer, shares an emerging strategy for helping clients keep money in the market and limit risk exposure.


How Americans feel about financial risks

Consumer feelings about retirement and the economy are constantly changing. To help financial professionals better understand their clients’ needs, we conduct ongoing consumer insight research.


Market and economic insights

The market environment affects how financial professionals create retirement strategies. Our investment professionals within Allianz Investment Management LLC use their deep understanding of the economy to share market commentary every quarter to aid in conversations about long-term strategy.


Insights from our industry partners

ACLI 2022 Life Insurers Fact Book

The ACLI 2022 Life Insurers Fact Book provides statistics and information on trends in the life insurance industry. Specific topics include assets, liabilities, income, expenditures, reinsurance, life insurance, and annuities.

Retail Retirement Reference Guide

The Retail Retirement Reference Guide from LIMRA is a comprehensive view of the changing dynamics of the individual retirement market.


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