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Our principled approach to sustainability

At Allianz Life, we define our commitment to sustainability by making decisions based on positive long-term environmental and societal outcomes. We use our strength and expertise to help provide a more secure future for our customers, our employees, and our community.

As an insurer and investor, we also recognize the unique opportunity to bring about change on both international and local scales. We accomplish this through a wide variety of actions designed to support sustainability, protect the local environment, and support societal equity.


Supporting sustainability

Per our investment strategy, we select asset managers that demonstrate a commitment to recognized sustainability principles. We engage with and evaluate them on an ongoing basis to ensure their continued integration of such practices.

Six pillars support our investment decisions at Allianz

We have embedded sustainability in our investment strategy by selecting asset managers who are committed to recognized sustainability principles. We utilize a six-pillar approach to our investing because we believe that companies prioritizing sustainability leads to better long-term outcomes.

sustainability at allianz
ESG evaluation for private assets

We routinely evaluate private assets to assess ESG (environmental, social, and governance) risks. Our guidelines cover 13 sensitive business areas for which ESG screening is mandatory.

ESG scoring for public assets

We use third-party data to systematically evaluate and manage ESG risks.

Sustainable investing

We systematically invest in organizations that drive improved environmental or social outcomes, such as renewable energy and low-income housing.

Asset manager selection

Our asset managers must integrate sustainability principles into their investment process on a continual basis. All of our assets under management are managed by asset managers that are Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) signatories and/or have ESG policies in place.


We strictly prohibit investing in certain sectors – such as banned weapons, coal-based business models, or sovereign bonds offered by countries with documented human rights violations.


Along with our parent company, Allianz SE, we engage in dialogue with investee companies to increase ESG integration and transparency. These engagement dialogues include reviewing governance structures for clear responsibilities to oversee ESG matters, understanding monitoring methods for ESG risks and opportunities, ESG disclosures, and assuring commitment to manage ESG risks in investee companies.


Protecting the local environment

We are continually finding new ways to reduce our company’s controllable carbon footprint. We provide our employees with education and resources to extend sustainability from their workspaces to their home bases.
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Our campus uses 100% renewable electricity, and our goal is to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 40%. The company also has an extensive recycling and composting program in place.
Allianz employees manage a company-sponsored Green Team to support, implement, and contribute to our sustainability efforts by:
  • Educating employees on sustainability issues
  • Advocating for and implementing sustainable policies and benefits on campus
  • Supporting efforts to achieve and improve our Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) metrics
  • Finding new ways to reduce our company’s controllable carbon footprint, and providing education and resources for employees to be green in their own lives
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Supporting social equity

We actively drive positive social change to attain better outcomes by being an active member in our community through financial education and other community relations and giving programs designed to address systemic inequity in an effective manner. We believe:
  • Change is necessary to address systemic racism and other inequities that impact at-risk members of our community (people of color, seniors, and youth)
  • Everyone has the right to a more secure financial future
social equity

To further these ideals, we base our community relations program on initiatives that enable us to give back to the community both financially and through volunteerism in partnership with several nonprofits.

By creating and maintaining a culture that values everyone’s contributions and diverse perspectives, we honor the trust and loyalty of our employees, customers, distribution partners, and the community.


Understanding how Americans feel about sustainability

To better understand how American investors view sustainability efforts and socially responsible investing, we conducted studies that look at level of interest as well as action, and the role that financial services and insurance companies play.
of Americans say social responsibility is important when making investment decisions.

of those not currently investing in socially responsible companies are interested in starting.


say they are more likely to choose an insurance policy based on the company’s commitment to social responsibility.

*2021 Allianz Life Sustainable Investing Study was conducted by Allianz Life via an online survey. The nationally representative sample included 1,000 respondents age 18+ with an annual household income of at least $50,000.