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From drains to fountains: Rethinking retirement and the language of lifetime income

For far too long, the conventional wisdom surrounding retirement has been: amass a pile of assets to live off – the bigger, the better. What if, instead, we envisioned retirement as a flowing fountain?

Navigating the path to guaranteed lifetime income: an equity-focused approach

As disparities in the defined contribution system persist, an equity-focused approach is needed to ensure new investment options added to the plan complement other interventions that help support a financially secure retirement for all employees.

Addressing racial disparities in defined contribution plans

As African Americans continue to face significant headwinds when it comes to saving for retirement, the industry must center people of color in our efforts to strengthen economic security with strategies and products that are both inclusive and equitable.

Key considerations for implementing guaranteed lifetime income in the context of CITs

Several solutions have come to market with guaranteed lifetime income products embedded in Collective Investment Trusts (CITs). There are limitations to this approach, however, that plan fiduciaries should consider when selecting an option for a plan.

3 ways your digital strategy can help enhance participant outcomes

Revolutionizing retirement outcomes cannot happen without embracing innovation. Today, new technology and strategies exist that can help deliver more technically complex products in a way that is simpler and more seamless for plan participants.

How a unique approach to hedging helps us deliver more value

When it comes to providing guaranteed lifetime income, a strong risk management framework is essential to ensuring that insurance companies are able to stay true to their promises.

A new frontier: Rethinking the risk reward framework for retirement income

Traditional investment approaches have provided guidance to workers accumulating assets for retirement, but what about when it comes to taking income?

Addressing 5 fiduciary concerns for guaranteed lifetime income

When navigating this new territory of income products, it’s important to ask questions. By understanding how these solutions serve participants, plan fiduciaries can make informed choices and help have a positive impact on outcomes.

Retirement income: Why personalization + protection matters for women

For women, who often have more retirement years to plan for than men do, on less lifetime earnings, personalization and protection are essential to achieving equitable outcomes.

Tech-enabled solutions drive a new era of defined contribution plans

See how advancements in data science – and new technologies that reduce the cost and complexity of connecting to product and service providers –  are helping bring personalization and protection to scale.

Rethinking technology beyond Secure 2.0

Explore how existing technology can ease the administrative lift to help accelerate the implementation of guaranteed lifetime income solutions amid regulatory changes.


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